What can you do to heal yourself?

(Women’s Healing Circle, Innu Yoga, Santiago de Chile, 12 May 2018)

(Women’s Healing Circle, Innu Yoga, Santiago de Chile, 12 May 2018)


What can YOU do to heal yourself?

I have endometriosis. I have been curled up in excruciating pain on a cold bathroom floor with alternating hot and cold flushes. Seeing white with blurry vision and wondering if someone will find me in my own excrement if I lose consciousness. Trying to stop myself from vomiting so the painkillers will work. I have suffered endo flare-ups too. The first one was in Argentina, a foreign city when traveling with my husband. It was a scary experience for us both. Calling an ambulance was his only option. So yes, I understand, I really do. I know your experience because it’s mine too.  

About ten years ago, I realised something needed to change. I wanted to feel better, so I had to believe there were other alternatives to more surgery, more painkillers, and how the condition was negatively impacting my life. I also looked at my role in all of this which possibly turned out to be the most powerful medicine of all. I needed to be held accountable, to stop playing victim to my endometriosis.

What could I DO to heal myself?

That doesn’t imply a cure (as there is no known cure) but I set about to find ways to help me manage my condition. What other options besides conventional western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs did I have? So, I did my own personal research on endometriosis and investigated alternative ways of treating the condition. I listened to experts in differing fields of medicine. I tried acupuncture, took Chinese herbs, changed my diet, and engaged in a daily yoga and meditation practice. Through the latter, I became calmer and grounded which led me to investigate my relationship with endometriosis. Journaling also helped me gain further insights. I came to accept the endometriosis as part of me and now realise this was the only way to move forward. Fighting the disease wasn’t an option for me. What we resist persists.

I sat with the pain, working with my mind to tap into my body’s own innate healing ability. When we are stressed either through being too busy, taking on too much, or negatively reacting to our pain, our bodies cannot heal themselves. So, I endured the pain the best I could without reacting … and it wasn’t easy; and I was scared. Over time, I began to listen to my body and take heed of what it was telling me. And slowly the pain dissipated. Not entirely but it became more manageable. I learned to show myself love and self-compassion for the condition I have, knowing it does not define me nor am I its cause.

So, endo sisters, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What can YOU do to heal yourself? What do you need to know about endometriosis? Become your own expert.

  2. What is your relationship to the condition? Because until you accept the condition as part of you, it will be difficult to move forward, and just maybe, this will be your hardest challenge of all.

  3. What self-care practices can you commit to? Practices that allow you to listen to your body, to rest, and take care of yourself properly EVERY day.

  4. Who are the health practitioners that can support you? Those who feel right and listen to what you have to say.

It’s about finding out what works for you. A path to healing unique to you, that taps into your body’s innate healing ability. No one woman’s signs and symptoms are the same. But we can share stories and what works for us to help each other and ourselves. We can empower ourselves as women both individually and collaboratively to heal our pain. And, yes it will take time and effort – but you are worth it and if it helps reduce your pain and live a better life, well, what are you waiting for?!

Be powerful. Take action to find out how to heal yourself. There’s no cure for endometriosis but you can manage your condition. You will become a better person for it. Trust me, trust yourself.

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