A unique healing space supporting women’s health, located in the hub of Ashburton, a modern and spirited town in Mid-Canterbury.


About Creative Acupuncture


Creative Acupuncture is a unique healing space which aims to help and support women’s health through a combination of acupuncture, natural medicine, and inspired action.


Women’s Health


As women there are many conditions that can affect our health and at different stages throughout our lives. You might be dealing with too much stress, anxiety, and digestive issues. Or you might be suffering hot flushes and lack of sleep as you try to navigate your way into menopause. Painful periods and difficulty conceiving may be your story. At Creative Acupuncture, I work with you to address your health concerns using acupuncture, natural medicine, and health-enhancing changes that can be implemented into your daily life.


Work With Me

Working intuitively with your energy and body’s innate ability to heal itself, I help integrate mind, body, and spirit to bring about a state of flow and improved well-being. I utilise a holistic and integrated medicine approach, and incorporate acupuncture, natural medicine, and inspired action into a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan based on your health concerns.


How Can I Help?



Acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin sterile needles into the body at specific locations (called acupuncture points) to generate a healing response from the body.

Including: manual, auricular, electro acupuncture

Natural Medicine

Food is one of the most powerful forms of medicine. High quality Chinese herbs and/or nutritional supplements may be prescribed to support your lifestyle and to enhance the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments.

Including: food, Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements


Inspired Action

Being empowered via inspired action to take control of your health and improve your well-being in the long-term. Often this will include daily self-care practices.

Including: sleep hygiene (rest), movement, diet, your environment, and mind-body practices.


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Office 2
Upstairs Smith and Church Building
42 Moore Street
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